Requesting Housing, Research or Teaching Space

Space at SPMC is available for WWU faculty and staff, visiting scientists, students, or guests of the University on a space-available basis. Questions can be directed to


Note that these are University-approved fees. If a user group charges third party guests a fee for using University property, that amount shall not exceed the listed University rates. 

  • WWU Student dormitory: $15/day
  • Non-student, double occupancy dormitory: $25/day
  • Non-student, single occupancy dormitory: $50/day
  • SPMC house, room rate: $400/month*
  • SPMC house, whole house rate: $1000/month*
  • Linen Fee: $15/person/stay

*The monthly rate begins on the first day of the month and covers through the last day of the month regardless of move-in and move-out dates. The monthly fee will not be pro-rated for portions of the month.

Research Laboratory

  • $35 per day
  • $200 per week
  • $600 per month

Analytical Laboratory

  • $5 per day
  • $30 per week
  • $130 per month

Teaching Laboratory

  • $40 per day
  • $80 per week
  • $256 per month
  • $75 per day
  • $250 per week
  • $460 per month
  • Conference Room, Half-day: $50
  • Conference Room, Full-day: $100
  • Lecture Hall, Half-day: $75
  • Lecture Hall, Full-day: $125
  • Sulkin Commons, Full-day: $100
  • $5 per person per day
  • $35 per person per week
  • $120 per person per month
  • RV Zoea: $165/hour + state sales tax (minimum 2 hours)
  • RV Fauna: $165/hour + state sales tax (minimum 2 hours)
  • RV Magister: $165/hour + state sales tax (minimum 2 hours)
  • Research Technician Fee: $40/hour
  • Diver Fee: $100/hour
  • Scuba tank air fills: $15/fill

Basic laboratory and field instruments (e.g. CTD, microscopes, etc)

  • $15 per day
  • $100 per week
  • $400 per month

SPMC runs elemental, nutrient, and ocean acidification analyses in support of research and classes. 

Analyses and Fees