Faculty & Staff


Shawn Arellano

Associate Professor, Biology Department

Brian Bingham stands in front of the SPMC

Director of Marine and Coastal Science

Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

Jay Dimond

Research Assistant Professor, Marine and Coastal Science program

Brooke Love

Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

Academic Program Director, Marine and Coastal Science Program

Brady Olson sits on a boat with islands in the background

Associate Professor, Biology Department

Kathryn Sobocinski stands on a beach with coastal cliffs visible in the background

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

Suzanne Strom stands in a mountainous area, with penguins and snow visible behind her

Senior Marine Scientist

Kathy Van Alstyne

Marine Scientist

Dr. Sylvia Yang

Sylvia Yang

Research Assistant Professor, Marine and Coastal Science program


Kelley Bright

Kelley Bright in front of flowers

Research Associate


Kerri Fredrickson

Kerri Fredrickson in front of ice water

Research Associate


Melanie Kudra

Melanie Kudra

Office Assistant


Horng-Yuh Lee


Instruction & Classroom Support Technician


Tanika Ladd

Tanika Ladd wearing a helmet on a boat

Post-doctoral Researcher



Scott Maystadt

Scott Maystadt with 2 grandchildren

Maintenance Mechanic


Capt. Nathan Schwarck

Nate Schwark in SCUBA gear

Safety Professional & Diving Safety Officer


Dr. Derek Smith

Derek Smith outside in the woods

Laboratory Manager


Ahna Van Gaest

Ahna Van Gaest with her dog

Research Associate


Lupe Wills

Lupe Wills outside



Other Western Washington University Marine Science Faculty

A number of other WWU faculty members do research in marine systems, teach courses on marine topics, and work with faculty and staff at SPMC. A roster of these faculty members and their areas of expertise can be found on the WWU Marine and Coastal Science website.